Hwang Jini
This is a collection of Sijo poems by Hwang Jini.  She is Korea's kisaeng par excellence.

They are translated by Yosan, Choi Chang Ho, father of the editor.


Mountains are the same as in the old times,
But streams are never the same;
They keep flowing day and night,
So they can not be the same.
The men of fame are like the streams;
Once gone, they never return.

The blue mountains is my heart,
The green water my mistress's love:
The mountains is unchanging,
But the water flows constantly..
The water, however, may not forget
The mountain and flows away in tears.

A long 'Mid-winter' night
I will fold double,
And put it carefully
Under the blanket of 'Spring Breeze'.
At the night when my dear lover comes
I may unfold it with my whole heart.

Oh my heart! why don't you know
That it comes to this?
If I told him not to leave me,
Perhaps he may not have gone.
But after I let him go,
I don't know why I long after him.

Oh, clear stream in the blue mountains,
Do not boast of your swift flowing away.
Once you have reached the wide ocean,
You are not able to come back again.
When the mountains are full of moonlight,
Why don't you stay and rest here?

As I did ever lack faith in you,
When was I ever untrue to you?
At deep night without bright moon,
I ought not to come here and see you.
What could I do with the sound of leaves
That are scattering in the autum wind?

Yosan, Choi Chang Ho
Returns to Celadonia
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